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A brief discussion on the difference between impregnation and spray molding of basketball fence mesh products

A brief discussion on the difference between impregnation and spray molding of basketball fence mesh products

A standard basketball site covers an area of not less than 670 square meters (north and South 36. 6 M(north-south)×east-west width 18. 3 M), this size is also a standard basketball site around the fence fence fence fence mesh or net size of the interior wall of the building.

Spray process principle: electrostatic powder spraying equipment (electrostatic spray machine)the powder coating is sprayed onto the surface of the workpiece, in the electrostatic effect, the powder will be uniformly adsorbed on the surface of the workpiece to form a powdery coating; powder coating after high-temperature baking leveling curing, into different effects (different types of powder coating effect)coating; spraying effect in

What is a dip?

The dip is a heating process, metal preheating, dipping, curing. When the dipping material, the heated metal stick around the material, the hot metal, the longer the time immersion material, the thicker the material. Naturally, the temperature and shape of the dip is the key to determining how much to stick the plastisol. Amazing shapes can be made by dipping. High-temperature furnace 420℃, smooth furnace 220℃

What is a spray?

fence mesh

Spray also called electrostatic powder spraying, paint. It is the use of an electrostatic generator to make plastic powder charged, adsorbed on galvanized pipe, steel pipe, iron plate surface, and then after 180 ~ 220℃baking, the powder melting adhesion on the metal surface, spray products used for indoor use Box body, the film presents a flat or matte effect.

What is the difference between dip and spray?

Both craft colors can be yellow, red, white, blue, green, black and so on.

Relative to these two processes, dip the cost is relatively low because the price is lower than the dip powder spray powder price, but after the completion of the product, spray than dip the product quality is better, the surface of the product is very good, are very smooth.



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