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Characteristics of PVC-coated gabion fence

gabion fence (also known as lead wire cage) workshop, produce large wire diameter, large aperture heavy hexagonal netting, through artificial cutting, folding, processing into gabion fence box. gabion fence workshop indoor area of 2160 square meters (36X60m), workshop broad and bright. gabion fence workshop operation workers and skilled workers more than 120 people, the annual output of about 6.5 million square meters of heavy hexagonal netting, gabion fence box about 540,000 sets. Our gabion fence workshop can produce 6x8cm, 8x10cm, 8x12cm, 10x12cm, 10x15cm, 12x15cm and other specifications of the heavy hexagonal netting.

Heavy hexagonal netting, also known as hanging netting, blocking stone netting, mountain protection netting, etc.

Heavy-duty hexagonal wire netting machine with high-quality wire twisted into a double twisted grid hexagonal metal mesh. Heavy hexagonal netting is widely used: can be used for slope support, Mountain rock hanging net spraying, slope cultivation landscaping, railway-highway isolated fence, it can be made of gabion (cage), Renault pad, for Rivers, embankments and ponds erosion control and reservoirs, rivers with gravel cage closure.   

The description is not only easy to consider the equipment but together also considered in such harsh terrain conditions such as the end of the cliff can this equipment, namely with a minimum amount of Anchorage and a minimum amount of excavation to the end of the most rapid and concise construction equipment. According to the characteristics of the protective net twisted plan, even in the case of wire breakage can withstand the impact of rockfall.  

gabion fence

gabion fence is a metal wire woven angular mesh (hexagonal mesh)made of cages, the use of metal wire diameter is based on the size of the hexagon is not the same. If the metal plating metal wire Hexagonal, the use of wire diameter of 2. 0mm to 4. 0mm metal wire, if it is PVC coated wire woven hexagonal wire mesh, the use of an outer diameter of 3. 0mm to 4. 0mm PVC (metal)wire. The edge of the frame line is the use of a thick line than the hexagonal wire.

Box gabion by large specification hexagonal netting, the construction of only the stones into the cage can be sealed.
Specifications: 2m x 1m x 1m, 3m x 1m x 1m, 4m x 1m x 1m, 2m x 1m x 0.5 m, 4m x 1m x 0.5 m, can also be produced according to customer needs.Surface protection with hot-dip galvanized, galvanized aluminum, PVC coated. Protection of high environmental pollution, and through different color choices, so that it can be integrated with the surrounding environment.
PVCgabion fence material: high-quality low carbon steel wire, galvanized steel wire, PVC protective layer, the wire diameter of the steel wire in 2. 0mm-4.0 mm
Weaving method: the high-quality low carbon steel wire or galvanized wire through the knitting machine twisted into hexagonal wire, and then plastic coated.
Weaving skills: the galvanized steel wire, low carbon steel wire woven into a variety of aperture hexagonal wire, then plastic, plastic coating thickness of about 1mm or so
PVC plastic gabion fence features: plastic gabion fence The Wire is twisted together, will not fall, strong and robust. Plastic gabion fence, strong corrosion resistance. And through the color distribution, and the surrounding environment can be reconciled



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