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Characteristics of temporary chain link fence panels

Tempy chain link fence panels features: wire woven, uniform mesh, flat mesh surface, beautiful and generous, wide mesh, wire diameter thick, not easy to corrode long life, simple weaving, beautiful and practical, tensile strength, high toughness and other characteristics. Especially the warp and weft mesh wrapped with plastic silk has the characteristics of anti-static. It solves the problem that the hand-woven mesh or the woven mesh is easy to loose and vertical mesh when supporting the roof and coal wall. The utility model has the advantages of high strength of the whole and the side net, and is not easy to be torn during installation, and is convenient for construction and low in cost.

temporary chain link fence panels

The main components of the hook net are the hook net, the frame and the column. The surface treatment methods of the temporary chain link fence panels are dipping, spraying, galvanizing and so on. Which kind of surface treatment is more durable?

First of all, no matter what kind of treatment, affect his life is the environment, at least the environment plays a direct impact. In fact, any kind of surface treatment of the hook fence are more durable, but if from the cost point of view, both economical and durable should be impregnated hook fence, not only low price and strong corrosion resistance.



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