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Description of galvanized anti-corrosion of Basketball court mesh fence

First of all in the selection of Basketball court mesh fence specification, generally do not dare to determine its detailed parameters, precise style, including the need to choose what kind of mesh material and so on. Based on these problems today to discuss.

Basketball court mesh fence field attributed to the type of place in the meantime, this can be in the construction site when the device around the column section, section.

Basketball court mesh fence anti-corrosion process now mainly has the following:

Brush paint treatment, the general selection of anti-rust primer brush after brush staining paint, it will work better.
Basketball court mesh fence
Basketball court mesh fence attributed to barbed wire products, because of the device simple and convenient, low cost, beautiful appearance, useful and other product advantages, so in recent years, the rapid development of the majority of customers by the common praise.

Basketball court mesh fence used to place the protective barrier, generally used in outdoor, full of sun and rain and corrosion, so it is very simple to rust, and therefore generally will be anti-corrosion treatment, not only can extend the service life, can also be added together Basketball court mesh fence and ornamental place.

The most important feature of this product is the sensitivity of the split Assembly, can be adjusted at any time according to the actual requirements of the site structure of the mesh, shape or scale.

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