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Gabion fence the four elements of corrosion control

The long service life of the gabion fence is closely related to its anti-corrosion property. It is of great significance to do a good job in the anti-corrosion work of gabion fence. 5 percent zinc-aluminum alloy and 10 percent zinc-aluminum alloy are newly emerging materials in the world in recent years, which are used to replace the traditional pure zinc coating. Its corrosion resistance is more than three times the traditional pure galvanized coating.

Four points should be paid attention to when controlling the factors of gabion fence antisepsis:

1, coating firmness: once the coating is broken, gabion fence is easy to corrosion. Because gabion fence is double-stranded weaving, so on the coating fastness requirements are relatively high.

Gabion fence

2. Material selection: because the anticorrosion speed of aluminum and zinc alloy gabion fence is relatively low, the anticorrosion performance of aluminum and zinc alloy gabion fence is far greater than that of galvanized steel wire, so the best material is alloy.

3, coating uniformity: the coating is an annular distribution on the surface of the steel wire, the production process of poor coating steel wire side thick side thin, and the service life of the control point is weak. Although the coating weight can reach 250 g / ㎡, its real available coating amount is only about 100 g / ㎡. And 10% of aluminum-zinc alloy steel wire coating is more uniform.

4. A number of galvanized layers: the more galvanized layers, the greater the corrosion resistance and the smaller the corrosion speed. Therefore, layers of zinc can prevent the corrosion of gabion fences.


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