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Hot dipped galvanized temporary fence

Hot dipped galvanized temporary fence

Our Products: Temporary fence
Wire Diameter: 3.5, 4mm, 5mm
Frame Size: 32mm,38mm,40mm
Bottom Slab Size: 860x90x7mm
Mesh:20*200mm, 60x150mm, 75x100mm, 70x100mm
Type:Canada Temporary fence, Australia Temporary fence
Surface treatment:PVC coated, electro or hot dipped galvanized
(1)It is easy to work,bright color, easy to maintain.
(2)Difficult to corrosion, long life expectancy.
(3)uniform mesh,flat surface,high quality.


It is consist of welded mesh panel,round tube frame(square tube frame),plastic feet and top connection. This kind of fence has a superior structure, the globality,mobility and environmental suitability is very good .The fence is easy transport , dismantle easily ,low cost . It has the advantage of one cost, many times used.


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