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Hot dipped galvanized temporary fence factory

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Hot dipped galvanized temporary fence

Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh Temporary Fence
Temporary fencing standard Specification:
Panel size:2100mm(H)×2400mm(L)   1800mm(H)×2100mm(L)
Pipe diameter:32mm *2mm
Infill Mesh:60mm×150mm ,50mm×50mm,50mm×150m
Diameter wire:3.5mm or 4mm

Temporary Fence Surface Treatment:
1. Hot dipped galvanized before welded + Silver Spray Painted
2. Hot Dipped Galvanized after welded,heavy zinc coated, Min 42 micron
3.Electro Galvanized
4.Hot dipped galvanized before welded+Powder Coated
Plastic Temporary Fence Feet
Width: 245mm
Height: 130mm
Length: 540mm
Net weight: 1.5kg
Hole size:38mm


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