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How to do the anti-corrosion work of gabion fence?

The service life of the gabion fence has a direct relationship with the daily anti-corrosion work. So how can we calculate the anti-corrosion work? The following small series will introduce you to everyone.

One: The anti-corrosion performance of the aluminum-zinc alloy gabion fence is much larger than that of the galvanized steel wire. Because the anti-corrosion speed of the aluminum-zinc alloy gabion fence is relatively low, the material of the gabion fence is preferably alloyed.

gabion fence

Second: the more galvanized layer of the net, the greater the corrosion resistance and the lower the corrosion rate. Therefore, the gabion fence is coated with several layers of zinc to prevent the corrosion of the gabion fence.

Three: uniformity of the coating. The plating layer is distributed on the outer surface of the steel wire in a ring shape, and the plating steel wire with poor production process is thin and thin on one side, and the control point of the service life is weak. That is, although the coating weight can reach 250 g/m2, the effectively available plating amount is only about 100 g/m2. The plating of 10% aluminum-zinc alloy steel wire is relatively uniform.

Four: the firmness of the coating. Once the coating breaks, it is susceptible to corrosion. Since the gabion fence is twisted, the requirements for the firmness of the coating are relatively high.

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