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Introduction to Welded Wire Mesh Panels

Welded Wire Mesh Panels related knowledge, specific details are welcome to call Anping County zhuo kai welding network factory.

This product is a square hole wire mesh product which is made of high quality steel wire and is mechanically welded.

The material of this product: low carbon steel wire, electrogalvanized wire, electroplated zinc modified wire.

Mesh shape of the product: The mesh of the product is square.

The product has the advantages of strong welding, corrosion resistance, smooth mesh surface, uniform mesh, strong protection ability, not easy to be damaged, and the price is also affordable, which is a high quality and low price product.

The surface treatment of this product is galvanized, dip-coated and spray-coated.

Welded Wire Mesh Panels

The welding process of this product is very strong and has very good protection. The structure of Welded Wire Mesh Panels is very neat and long in use, not only has very high practicality, but also very beautiful. The transportation of this product is very simple, the installation is relatively easy, and it is very popular. Moreover, the price of this product is also very cheap, so many people can accept it. The benefits of using this product in building floor heating construction are: in addition to increasing the carrying capacity of the ground, it can also fix the floor heating pipe. Very good reinforcement.

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