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On the electrostatic spray treatment precautions of Basketball court fence

  Basketball court fence is a sports fence on the ground in the basketball court application, mainly used to prevent the basketball flying out of the playing field, the role of a plurality of sites connected with the partition isolation, Basketball court fence general application in outdoor basketball court, so the anti-corrosion treatment is very important, the general plastic fence preservative is the

  Spray treatment using the principle of electrostatic adsorption on the frame through the electrostatic powder is then sprayed onto the surface of the frame, and then the high-temperature leveling process, matters needing attention are the following:

Basketball court fence

  1, the use of welded pipe must pay attention to rust treatment

  2, the stadium must be shot peening before spraying, in order to increase the contact surface, enhance the adsorption force

  3, in the spray, must pay attention to prevent the bump to avoid falling plastic

  4, Basketball court fence must be packed before shipping

  The above is a Basketball court fence related content, I hope to help you.

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