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Temporary Chain Link Fence Manufacturers

Temporary Chain Link Fence Manufacturers Techniques:
Excellent surface coating and protect techniques.
Fully equipped powder coating line.

Excellent rust resistant (fifteen years guarantee)
Rich optional color
Unique modeling
Easy to install
Environmental protection
Corrosion Form: Hot-dipped galvanized after welded,  pre-galvanized tubes then Powder coating.

Material : Galvanized wire; PVC Coated wire
Wire Dia: 1.5mm-5.0mm
Opening 40*40mm :50*50mm; 60*60mm; 75*75mm
Size 2100x2400:1800x2900; 2100x2600; 1800x2400; 2100x3300
Frame: OD25mm; OD32mm; OD48mm
Frame thickness: 1.0mm-4mm
Base: 600*220*150mm; 580*245*130mm or others


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