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Temporary chain link fence panels are used in daily life

Nowadays, there are many applications for the temporary chain link fence panels in the industry. Then it also occupies an important position in terms of overall production efficiency. We should also weigh from the high precision and quality, so that we can be a good product. For the pace of industrial development, this will make everyone feel that industrial development is faster.

Although we have always paid attention to the temporary chain link fence panels, we also attach great importance to industrial development. Therefore, everyone will feel that in the process of industrial development as a whole, we also have higher requirements for quality, which will allow everyone to make breakthroughs in all processes.

Temporary chain link fence panels
Product Description

a) Electro galvazied iron wire

b) Hot dipped galvazied iron wire

c) High Tensile steel wire


a)With innovative and firm structure, flat surface, uniform opening.

b)Good flexibility, good resistance against pressure, hit, corrosion and weather.

c)Neither loose nor break even when partial cutting or hit occur.

d)Tight rolls and large loading, suitable for exporting.

e)Less weight, easy transport, fast installation, easy maintenance.

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