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The difference between the Basketball court fence and galvanized steel wire?

Low carbon steel wire is a kind of wire drawn from low carbon steel. The composition of the wire is different according to its use. It contains iron, cobalt, nickel, copper, carbon, zinc and other elements. The hot metal billet is rolled into 5 mm thick steel bars, then drawn into different diameter wires in the drawing device, and the hole diameter of the drawing disc is gradually reduced, and various specifications of wire are made by cooling, annealing, coating, and other processing technologies. Galvanized steel wire is generally galvanized low carbon steel wire. Basketball court fence is usually braided and welded with high-quality low carbon steel wire.

 Basketball court fence

Basketball court fence is composed of two basic materials of fence and fence, and the standard requirements offense are from 4 meters to 6 meters high, bright color, transparency, corrosion resistance, and impact resistance. Important installation after beautiful, however, these characteristics are gathered in the wrapped plastic hook mesh body, he can fully competent for these characteristics, generally wire mesh does not say that the height of 4 meters is not up to 3 meters cannot be achieved, wrapped plastic hook mesh will not rust, and he is a manual woven mesh does not exist electrical welding and other solid. Basketball court fence features a beautiful, durable, maintenance-free, simple installation, better protection, decoration, and beautification effect. So the net on the basketball court is usually made of hook net.

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