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What are the raw materials of gabion fence?

The gabion fence is actually woven from some low-carbon steel wires, and this kind of use is basically a product made of the galvanized wire during processing. Generally speaking, they can be based on The actual situation is divided into the cold galvanized wire and hot-dip galvanized wire. Of course, one of the biggest differences of the gabion fence is that some of their weights are different.

If it is a gabion fence, the anti-corrosion performance of their materials is relatively good, and the use time is relatively long.

If it is a plastic coated gabion fence, it will be able to include this layer of PVC or other protective layers on the basis of the entire galvanized wire, which can directly protect these galvanized wires in all products without being exposed to the outside world. Corrupted and destroyed.

gabion fence

If it is a river gabion fence, this can basically be better applied to some different guidance and running water. The river will carry out comprehensive activities along the activities of the inherent riverbed, and there may be this natural and tortuous river course. If there is a flood, then their water volume is absolutely infinite, the water flow will have a unity phenomenon, the water flow will tend to move under the inertia, it will violently impact the original riverbed, and slowly let these rivers continue The diversion will even form a disaster, so in order to alleviate the river wash, basically everyone will think of a comprehensive solution through the gabion fence.

Today, the gabion fence is basically divided into a variety of different materials, which can play the best role, and their raw materials are reprocessed differently.


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