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What functions does gabion fence have?

Now there are more and more places to use gabion fence. Do you know some functions of Gabion fence? The following is a short introduction for you.

Ideal function of ecological construction

There are many pores between gabion fence and mattress, which create conditions for water flow, facilitate the natural exchange between water and soil, provide living environment for microorganisms in water, enhance the self-cleaning ability of water flow and improve water quality.

The gap between rocks can be laid artificially, which provides conditions for the growth of plants and realizes the functions of beautifying the environment, improving and restoring the ecological environment.

Good permeability

gabion fence

The filling body in the cage is pebble. The pebble is very loose. There are many holes in the middle. It is convenient for the exchange of rainwater and groundwater. After groundwater seeps into the soil, it can be effectively eliminated by gabion fence, which reduces the groundwater level of groundwater and the groundwater pressure of walls and slopes. Timely drainage of groundwater can reduce the probability of wall damage, gabion fence, while gabion fence has a very good deformation capacity, can play a buffer role in impact.

Global stability

Gabion fence is made of zinc-aluminium alloy wire by machine weaving. Even if the part is damaged, it still does not affect the overall performance. gabion fence has a certain deformation ability, which can connect the whole project into a whole without slitting. Even if the part is not uniform, the whole will not produce cracks.

The construction method is relatively simple.

The manufacturer will produce the gabion fence as a semi-finished product, then lay the gabion fence on the excavated foundation pit according to the drawings, connect the gabion fence into a whole, and then start filling the filling material, * cover the back. The construction of gabion fence is simple and less affected by climate.

Strong impact resistance

After testing, the impact resistance of gabion fence structure is more than twice that of the general protective wall. The stone in gabion fence cushion will not affect the overall performance even if it is affected by the impact displacement. Gabion fence is a flexible structure. There are some holes between the filling stones in the box. When the wave crest of the wind wave hits gabion fence, the spray will be crushed, which reduces the impact of the spray. When the wave recedes, the vacuum suction of the wave will be destroyed because of the holes between the cages, and the damage to gabion fence will be reduced.


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