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What is gabion fence

What is gabion fence
I believe that everyone can see an isolated protective net on the railway or on the highway. Even some protective nets are seen next to some rivers. These seemingly simple protective nets are the gabion fences we are talking about today. Among the many manufacturers, only the reputation of Zhuokai Wire Mesh is the best, so many people will choose this company to buy when they buy this kind of protection net. For this kind of protective net, there may still be many people who don't know much about it. Therefore, Anping County Zhuokai Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd. will tell you what kind of net is this kind of protective net.

gabion fence
The gabion fence is mainly a protective net used in rivers or on the roadside. It can prevent the river bank from being damaged by water flow or wind and waves, so as to achieve a natural docking exchange between the water body and the downhill soil. The function ultimately reaches an environmentally ecological balance. We all know that the most serious kind of disaster in the river is that after the erosion of the water flow, the river bank is destroyed, which leads to flooding, which will lead to serious damage to people's lives and property and water and soil. However, if such a protective net is available, such a disaster will be greatly reduced.

The gabion fence can protect the riverbed and the riverbank forever. Now Anping County Zhuokai Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd. has developed into a one-stop comprehensive service enterprise that integrates the production, sales and processing of this protection net. The products produced are mainly used in the protection of embankments and the protection of highway subgrades.


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