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What should I pay attention to when choosing PVC coated temporary fence?

1. PVC coated temporary fences are selected from steel pipe railings and balusters with Φ48* 3.5mm pipes, which are fastened by fasteners or electric welding.

The PVC coated temporary fence consists of a protective mesh and a column. It is made of electric welding. The PVC coated temporary fence is made of 2cm×4cm square tube. The single piece has a size of 1.1m×1.7m. The ends are provided with Φ10 bolts on the ends and fixed to the column. The trans-ear and upper and lower edges are fixed. The distance is 15cm. The column adopts 8cm square tube with a height of 1.3m and a flange at the bottom.

PVC coated temporary fence

2. Elevator wellhead construction The elevator safety gate must be equipped with the first safety net on the positive and negative zero-floor floor. The upper part of each layer is provided with a safety flat net every 10m.

The quality of the safety net must comply with gb5725-1997. In the standard of the safety net in the standard, the entry must be carried out in accordance with relevant regulations. When installing and disassembling the safety flat net in the elevator shaft, the operator should wear the seat belt according to the regulations. For the holes with floor and roof short-side dimensions larger than 1.5 meters, the protective railings should be installed around the hole, and a safety flat net should be added at the bottom. Technical requirements for elevator wellhead safety protection



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