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Which temporary chain link fence is more suitable for use in grassland

If the package plastic temporary chain link fence produced after a color error, then when in use will not affect it, in fact, a lot of the same color if there is an error, the general error will not be too large, because the surface of the temporary chain link fence plastic layer after the wind and sun itself will appear after the

Wrap-around, buckle-type grassland temporary chain link fence without barbed wire, no metal spikes, to overcome the previous grassland fence temporary chain link fence biggest drawback is that you can not protect the animal's fur, animal in touch hanging fence temporary chain link fence when often stabbed the skin to form a small scar hole, there is a problem in the new bullpen temporary chain link fence protects the animal's fur. And has good flexibility, flexibility, durability, ornamental, and to overcome the shortcomings of welding temporary chain link fence welding point off easy to open welding, a mounting never lose, is to protect grassland, pastures, forest, and ecological environment the best facilities.

temporary chain link fence

The culture with temporary chain link fence products with good anti-aging, anti-sun, corrosion, and other characteristics. Its product color variety, nice, breeding with flower hook according to the color of the deployment can be agreed with the local landscape. Its safety performance coefficient is high, the anti-climbing ability is good, breeding with temporary chain link fence sheet connection using galvanized anti-theft screw connection, effectively prevent artificial destructive disassembly, so that a significant increase in the strength of the mesh.


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