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characteristics of a gabion fence

1, security: gabion fence protection layout attributed to the flexible layout, that is deformed layout. This layout will carry forward because of tension elements and add it to a load of resistance; can be used to soil properties and soil contact, can be an excellent foundation deformation habits; can absorb energy from the outside of the dynamic load occurs, with excellent seismic function and impact can.

2, persistence: mesh corrosion occurs because of oxidation is a very slow process, it will not be more severe than the aging effect of any other layout.Combined with high-quality 10% AL+Zn alloy maintenance and coated with a resin film optimization, added durability.

3, ecology: protective layout has a natural permeability, the circulatory system will not be separated from the ecological environment, you can import natural ecological environment, the layout can occur from the inside out of the plant layer, because the plant roots on the soil reinforcement effect, thus improving the safety and layout

4, durability: true to reconcile the organization and the surrounding environment.

5, water permeability: protective layout device, the pad after the head will not be added. Together to ensure natural water and groundwater natural communication, further enhancing the environmental role, with natural water permeability.

6, integrity: gabion fence protection layout consists of separate units, but together between each adjacent unit by the wire-stranded, so also has excellent integrity.


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