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gabion fence measuring method of galvanized wire outer galvanized layer

1. Gabion fence briefly distinguish electro-galvanized and hot-dip galvanized wire way electro-galvanized wire: the appearance of more lubrication, bright, uniform, flat. Hot dip galvanized wire: compared with the appearance of cold galvanized, the color is darker, slightly rough, no cold galvanized lubrication, the appearance of silver and white, simple production process watermarks and a small number of drops of tumor, especially at the end of the workpiece is more obvious, and the appearance is not shiny, not too reflective. Other electro-galvanized wire in the harsh climate will soon rust, due to the electro-galvanized wire zinc layer is very thin, coupled with the formation of wear and tear of the machine and artificial, so it is very simple to rust.

2.Gabion fence measure the amount of zinc galvanized wire galvanized amount of scientific methods are generally determined by the customer, and then galvanized by the galvanizing plant, and detailed on the amount of zinc is how many people do not know, and the thickness of the zinc layer is how many people do not know, then how to calculate the galvanized wire galvanized surface thickness?

Preparation of reagents:

gabion fence

(1) antimony chloride solution: 20 g of antimony chloride dissolved in 1000 ml of hydrochloric acid, stored for later use. Hours per experiment per 100 ml of hydrochloric acid was added 5 ml of this solution, to prepare for the experiment (hydrochloric acid specific gravity should be greater than 1. 14).

(2) alcohol.Analysis approach: take the style 300 mm, soaked with alcohol to wipe the appearance of galvanized wire cotton grease, and then dried and weighed. Then washed with a hydrochloric acid solution of antimony chloride to the appearance of galvanized wire zinc skin, wipe clean with cotton dipped in alcohol, into the oven, weighed again after drying. And measure the diameter of the galvanized wire.

Gabion fence, electroplating gabion fence service life is very short, the conditions promised, the introduction of zinc in 245g / m2 above the galvanized wire, the selection of zinc-aluminum alloy wire corrosion resistance better.



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