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gabion fence prevents the reservoir from collapsing.

After a long period of time, the reservoir will be in danger of collapsing. gabion fence can be used to prevent this from happening.

According to the situation to distinguish between the collapse of the bank, due to differences in Reservoir shoreline across the shore geological conditions, leading to the collapse of the Bank of different types, size and mechanism, so the collapse of the bank management project should be highly targeted, cannot be carried out blindly or blindly take some kind of prevention and treatment

gabion fence

gabion fence can be used for embankment protection, or the entire riverbed and river bank protection, more suitable for the original slope of the river. To design dry water level for the sector, the upper part of the slope protection project, the lower part of the foot protection project. Slope protection project is to repair the original slope treatment and then laying the slope filter layer and ecological grid network pad structure surface layer to prevent water erosion, wave shock, water level changes, and groundwater erosion and other damage to the surface of the other side of the slope; foot protection project is the use of anti-impact material laid on the biggest advantage of gabion fence is ecological, its internal filling of natural stone, there is a gap between the stone, allowing plants to grow therein, can also be targeted to sown suitable plants, with engineering slope and plant slope protection double effect.


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