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mesh fence and gate for sale

mesh fence and gate is very flexible.Around the airport we will see the mesh fence and gate, which exists to protect the normal departure of the aircraft and the safety of people around the airport.mesh fence and gate is made up of V-shaped bracket Li Zhu, reinforced welded sheet mesh, security anti-theft connector and hot galvanized insert stab Cage is a high level of strength and security defensive barrier products.

In recent years, mesh fence and gate is widely used in airports, military bases and other high security.Note: if the top of the fence is equipped with razor wire, razor wire and razor wire, the safety protection performance is enhanced.Hook flower network isolation barrier can be used electroplating, hot-dip, spray, dip and other forms of anti-corrosion, mesh fence and gate has a good anti-aging, anti-sun, weather and other characteristics.

mesh fence and gate

mesh fence and gate its products are beautiful, diverse colors, both play a role in the fence, but also play a role in landscaping.I plant according to the user needs to make a variety of sizes of airport isolation barrier products!mesh fence and gate because of its high security, anti-climbing ability, mesh connection using a special SBS fastener, isolation barrier effectively prevent the destruction of man-made demolition, four lateral bending ribs, so that a significant increase in the strength of the mesh.

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