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mesh fence panels for sale

mesh fence panels for sale Application:
Double Garden Fence Panels/Twin Frame Wire Mesh
Double wire mesh fence is also named as double rod fence panel or double rod gratings (grid fencing).Double wire fencing is a rigid yet unobtrusive mesh fencing system.It is often used as a perimeter fence for industrial or commercial premises and sport pitches where a strong mesh fencing system is required.

1.)Easy Installation
2.)Cost effective
3.)Solid, Acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, firm welding, strong anti rust and anti corrosion ability, beautiful, and wide usage.
4.)Different options on color according to the using environment
5.)Different options of install clips such as metal or plastic

Products Processing:
1.) Steel wire→Welding→Hot dipped galvanized→Powder coated/PVC coated
2.) Steel wire→Hot dipped galvanized→Welding→Powder coated/PVC coated
3.) Steel wire→Welding→Electric galvanized→Powder coated/PVC coated
4.) Steel wire→Electric galvanized→Welding→Powder coated/PVC coated


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