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method for detecting quality standard of welded wire mesh panels concrete

1 appearance inspection

Solder joint melting metal basic uniform

2 press-in depth:hot-rolled steel bars (0.

3-0. 45) D Cold working rebar (0.3-0.35)d

3 the number of solder joints falling off and leakage welding of each product shall not exceed 4% of the total number of solder joints, and the adjacent solder joints are not leaking and falling off

4 Weld no cracks, porosity defects and obvious burns phenomenon.

welded wire mesh panels concrete

5 welded wire mesh panels concrete measure the length and width of the welded skeleton and check the dimensions of 3-5 grids in the vertical and horizontal directions, the deviation should be in accordance with the specification,

Batch inspection of the same type of products, each batch of 10% and not less than 3

When the appearance inspection does not meet the requirements of the gradual inspection and reject substandard products, substandard products can be submitted to the second acceptance of refurbishment.

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