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pplication of gabion fence slope protection technology in the reinforcement of reservoirs

gabion fence provides you with a common reservoir slope reinforcement solution

  After the reservoir water storage operations, slope reinforcement should be able to ensure the normal use of the road, to prevent erosion and collapse of the slope. According to the engineering geology, worksite location, construction difficulty and the size of the investment and other factors, proposed several reinforcement measures, mainly for: retaining wall slope, gabion fence slope and gravity retaining wall slope protection

gabion fence

gabion fence has good ductility and flexibility, can resist high strength pressure, good structural integrity, strong resistance to deformation; strong water permeability; high degree of mechanization construction, high durability; low cost

Water flow and flow rate effect is obvious

Gabion fence flexible structure has a strong resistance to deformation, increase the role of slope integrity and stability, there is a strong anti-erosion ability, but also not limited by the construction season, especially in winter can also organize the construction, the construction period is short, save money. Through the use of this technology, it can better reinforce the slope of the reservoir area, to ensure the normal use of the new road, to achieve the desired purpose.

  With the continuous development of new technology and new technology, Gebing gabion in addition to the reservoir collapse shore slope reinforcement applications, but also widely used in flexible retaining protection, River reinforcement, etc., I believe that the technology will play a greater role for the national economy.


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