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temporary chain link fence panels

Chain link temporary fence panel, Construction Fence Panle
Surface: hot dipped galvanized
Wire diameter : 2.70 mm to 3.50mm
Opening:   50x50mm, 57x57mm, 60x60mm, 70x70mm etc
Size: 6’x10’, 8’x10, 6’x12’
Frame: 32x1.5mm,32x1.6mm, 40x1.7mm, etc
Feet: 24”x24”, 18”x36”etc

Construction sites
Concerts & public events
Factory security
Warehouse Security Cages
Sporting enclosures

Temporary Fence Also called temporary fence brace or stay used to support the temporary fence panel in high wind area finish by hot dipped galvanized 42 microns thickness,per stay required two fence clamp and three concrete feet the additional strength to secure fence panel stand well in high wind per 4.8meter or7.2 meter one stay live.


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