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Brief introduction of harmful impurities in Temporary Chain Link Fence

In fact, everyone knows that the Temporary Chain Link Fence is made of stainless steel wire, so what do you know about the harmful impurities inside?

Sulfur is one of the major harmful impurities in the Temporary Chain Link Fence. Sulfur is almost insoluble in steel and combines with iron to form iron sulfide. Iron sulfide and iron form a low melting point eutectic with a melting point of only 988 ° C. When the ingot and the weld metal are solidified, these low-melting eutectic residues remain between the dendrites and finally solidify, and the resulting shrinkage stress is easily pulled apart to form cracks when they are in a liquid state.
Temporary Chain Link Fence
When the content of sulfur in the steel is high, even if the ingot does not generate cracks during solidification, when the low-melting substance melts in the hot working of forging and rolling, cracks are formed along the grain boundary crack. This phenomenon is called the hot brittleness of steel.

For welding, sulfur in steel is very harmful. When the welding material itself has a high sulfur content or the sulfur content of the base material is high, the sulfur content of the weld metal is high so that the weld metal is prone to weld hot cracks during solidification, and the sulfur content is obtained when the steel is welded. In addition to the hot crack generated by the welding technology, Temporary Chain Link Fence is also prone to liquefaction cracks in the heat affected zone of the weld due to the melting of the sulfide.



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