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Construction steps for gabion fence restoration in the river

a. The connection between the cage groups is tied, which meets the following requirements:
The upper and lower corners of the adjacent cage group are tied together; the upper and lower frame lines of the adjacent cage group are bundled together at intervals of 50 cm; the lacing line is set in each of the boxes, and is bent inwardly in a figure-eight shape.

b. Stone transport: use 15T dump trucks to transport to the top of the embankment, artificial or excavator to transport the stone from the top of the embankment to the river.

c. Filling material construction: The specification quality of the filling material in the gabion fence meets the design requirements; at the same time, it uniformly feeds into the same box of the same layer, and it is strictly forbidden to fill the single grid cage once; The top-filled stone material is appropriately higher than the cage, and is dense and the void is filled with small gravel; the exposed stone is filled with the surface of the artificial stone, and the stones are overlapped with each other.

gabion fence

d. Net cage cover construction: the stone material is reasonably loaded into the net, basically flat, leaving the minimum gap, cover the net cover, and tie the frame of the net cover and the net body according to the regulations. To connect a single gabion fence with other adjacent gabion fences. The protruding edge of the mesh cover needs to be wound around the circumference for two turns to tie the edges. The lid needs to be firmly tied to the mesh body and the partition. At the same time, the adjacent net cover should also be tied. Finally, all the sharp points on the end of the net should be bent into the cage as much as possible to make it smooth and beautiful.

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