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Livestock Panel industry standard

Livestock Panel and barbed fence engineering design, material specifications and quality, erection methods and acceptance principles.

This procedure applies to the construction of Livestock Panel and barbed fences in natural grasslands, artificial grasslands, improved grasslands and nature reserves. The selection of Livestock Panel steel wire is closely related to the service life and production cost of the net fence. Q235 steel is used to realize the dual-phase treatment of low carbon steel. Instead of 45 steel, it can not only reduce the production cost, but also the quality of the product can reach YB4026-91 standard. .
Net fence column material specifications;

Livestock Panel
The corner post and the door post are made of 9cm×9cm×9mm×220cm hot-striped iron.
The small column adopts 4cm×4cm×4mm×190cm and other corner irons for the grid fence. There are 8 hanging mesh holes, and the distance from the top to the bottom is 20cm, 22cm, 22cm, 18cm, 18cm, 15cm, 15cm.
Reinforce the column material gauge 7cm × 7cm × 7mm × 220cm hot wire and other corner iron, hanging wire hole the same as above.
Ground anchor iron reinforcement pile material specifications. 4cm × 4cm × 4mm × 40cm × 60 hot iron and other corner iron.
Specifications and structure requirements for the Livestock Panel column door The fence door is made of iron. The width of the single door is 2.5 meters and the height is 1.2 meters, which is convenient for vehicles to enter and exit.
The frame is welded by 1 inch steel pipe, and the wire is welded by φ5 cold wire drawing, which requires no distortion and no deformation.



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