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Hot dipped galvanized temporary fence product classification and main structural features

Hot dipped galvanized temporary fence, also known as temporary fence net, temporary isolation net, mobile safety fence net. The main part of the guard rail is mainly connected with the base or the guard column by means of a detachable member and can be easily removed and moved for installation when necessary.

Product Categories:
Hot dipped galvanized temporary fence
1. Layered construction stairway with temporary guardrail;

2. Temporary protective railings on each side of the ladder (using steel pipes or bamboo);

3, the top stairway, with the construction of formal railings or temporary guardrails.

The main structural features: the mesh is relatively small, the base has strong safety performance and beautiful appearance, and can be customized according to customer needs. The products are made of high-quality hot-dip galvanized pipes after bending and welding. They are beautiful, strong and flexible. They are mainly used for temporary barriers and important order for important gatherings, festivals and sports events.

Because the various Hot dipped galvanized temporary fences are designed to have foot-type, they have the strong adaptability to the terrain, and are easy to install and transport, and can be completed without many people. The welding port is generally treated by post-weld (spray) zinc treatment to achieve a bright and beautiful effect and a long life.

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