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Hot dipped galvanized temporary fence installation Shake interpretation

Because many new customers said that Hot dipped galvanized temporary fences that were originally purchased at other factories were always unstable and swayed; I understand that they always buy them when they buy them, although they can save a lot of money. The nets look the same, but there is still a big difference in essence.
Hot dipped galvanized temporary fence
According to the reasons for shaking, summarize the following points:

First, the wire of the net is too thin,

Second, the mesh aperture is too large,

Third, the frame with the frame is small,

Fourth, the column steel is small, the pipe wall is thin

5. The width of the Hot dipped galvanized temporary fence is too large. In summary, the fundamental reason is that the size of the product is not directly proportional to the quality requirements it should meet, which leads to the installation of the guardrail. I hope that I can help more people. After all, I still pay for the price. I don’t want to be deceived. I choose the right manufacturers and let the old and new friends purchase with peace of mind. It is also an important task for our small series.


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