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How to choose Livestock Panel

The most traditional fences are made of wood – logs or planks. It is usually made of fir, two wooden boards of about 25 cm width and wooden piles of at least 10 cm in diameter.

When the stake or plank breaks, the burr at the break can cause damage to the horse. Some horses like to lick wood, which can also damage wooden fences. Wooden fences need to be repaired frequently to extend their useful life.

Livestock Panel

Livestock Panel is very popular in many areas, where the tube is easy to find and not expensive. Pipe fence maintenance is low and sturdy. The sharp interface and high hardness are the two main defects of the pipe fence.

The Livestock Panel is also not easy to stand in an environment that is too wet or wet.

There are also many kinds of metal fences designed for horses. The metal fence is stronger. These fences look beautiful and relatively safer.


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