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See how gabion fence addresses the flexibility and water permeability of sinking platoons and caissons

1, gabion fence Shen row operation, the first is the use of wire woven gabion fence Shen row.You can also add plating and coated with PVC (polyvinyl chloride), PVC gabion fence Shen row can also be used as a bank and toe protection.

2, gabion fence box.gabion fence is to fill the stone fixed in place of wire or polymer wire mesh-like production thereof.A wire cage is a wire woven mesh or welded structure.Both structures can be electroplated, braided wire box can be additionally coated with PVC.Gabion weaved into the grid than welded gabion greater flexibility, and therefore adapt to the performance of the load subsidence is different, although filling stone material should be careful to ensure that the stone filled very dense, but sometimes think rigid stone box easier to fill, for non-standard shape, such as a corner, or may have a large subsidence place, when the

gabion fence

3, the gabion fence internal filler, with anti-weathering hard stones as filler, it will not be due to abrasion and quickly broken in the stone box or gabion sink row. Gabion fence with different types of stone blocks has different characteristics. Polygonal stone blocks can be interlocked well with each other, with its filling gabion easily deformed. Therefore, used in the shear resistant large retaining wall, it is more effective than round stone, on the other side, it is conducive to gabion connection. The general size of the filler is the average grid size of 1. 5 times. A single stone is not less than the standard grid size (usually used woven gabion size (60mmX80mm~100mmX120mm), generally not more than 200mm standard size. Sometimes the minimum stone size can be relaxed for the stone that is placed far from the exterior of the Gabion and inside.

4, internal filling. Mechanical filling is generally faster and cheaper, but not as good as manual filling control. For the modified retaining wall, it should produce a better appearance, and the formation of dense structure. When using both methods, the filler must be completely filled with gabion fence. Filler must be well filled to minimize the gap between the single block of stone good contact, as much as possible to fill tight, reducing the possibility of moving the stone in the gabion. When the packing size belongs to the normal range, polygonal and circular stones can be installed tightly, the other can add some soil.


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