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Temporary chain link fence use and specifications

Temporary chain link fence use and specifications

The temporary chain link fence is also used to protect and support seawalls, hillsides, roads and bridges, reservoirs and another civil engineering. It is the best information for flood control and flood control. Can also be used for crafts. Warehouses, refrigerated items, protective reinforcements, marine fishing grids, construction site fences, rivers, slopes, fixed soil (spurting out of the rock), and buildings without danger protection.
(1) Plastic coated wire 3.8mm
(2) Mesh 50mm X 50mm
(3) Size: 3000mm X 4000mm
(4) Column: 60/2.5mm diameter of steel pipe
(5) Horizontal column: 60/2.2mm diameter steel pipe welding
(6) Connection method: welding

(7) Anti-corrosion treatment: anti-rust primer + high-grade metal paint import

temporary chain link fence

A Wire: High-quality high-quality temporary chain link fence wire for various purposes to ensure the customer's user needs.
B. Raw materials: Original imported pure high-density PE plastic packaging, no mixed half-point filling materials, and recycled raw materials, ensuring the service life of the products and their standard requirements.
C. Plastic coating: 300-degree high-temperature plasticizing, the inner low-carbon steel wire and the surface layer plastic closely adhere, and it is not easy to be oxidized by the air to penetrate the surface of the steel wire, and the rust is rusted from the inside to the outside, resulting in shortened service life.
D. Thickness: high-temperature plasticizing extrusion, stable rotation speed, and the thickness of the plastic surface layer are maintained above 0.6mm.
E. Color: a variety of color mother powder raw materials synthesis and then add a unique anti-UV raw material overall mixing technology to ensure the stability of the color of the product, the surface is still as clean, long-lasting and bright.
F. Process: Unique rotary hook weaving and weaving technology, optimized mold design to ensure that there is no crack in the bend at the time of production. Green hook flower net life: high-density raw plastic, surface water absorption rate of 0%, resistant to ordinary acid and alkali, 5 to 8 years longer than ordinary plastic mesh.


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