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The styles of mesh fence and gate?

styles of mesh fence and gate: mesh fence and gate, diamond mesh, trapezoidal mesh, chain mesh, chain mesh, hook mesh, anchor mesh, protective mesh, fence mesh, and active mesh.

According to its varieties, mesh fence and gate can be divided into galvanized mesh fence and gate, plastic coated Mesh mesh fence and gate, plastic coated Mesh mesh fence and gate, Steel Mesh Mesh fence and gate.

According to its use, mesh fence and gate can be divided into stadium mesh fence and gate, mine mesh fence and gate, mesh fence and gate, green mesh fence and gate, decorative mesh fence and gate.

 mesh fence and gate

the edges of the mesh fence and gate can be divided into crochet and twirling. Features: bright color, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, a smooth mesh surface, strong tension, less susceptible to external forces, easy to install.Simple structure, beautiful and practical.

Material: PVC Wire, Stainless Steel Wire, high-quality low carbon steel wire, galvanized wire, etc.Fish hook mesh surface treatment: galvanized-fish mesh fence and gate, hot galvanized-fish hook mesh, plastic bag hook mesh (PVC, PE bag), dip net, plastic spray net.

applicable scope of mesh fence and gate is widely used in highway, railway, highway, and other fence facilities, also used for indoor decoration, chicken, duck, goose, rabbit, zoo fence and so on. Protective nets for mechanical equipment and conveyor networks for mechanical equipment. Used for tennis court, football field, volleyball field, meet the school, department, Enterprise, Institution fitness facilities, Road green belt protection network.



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