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chain link panels for sale

chain link panels for sale Aplication:
1.Commercial grounds (Corporation, hotel, supermarket);
2. Private grounds (Courtyard, Villadom);
3.Public grounds (Park, zoo, train or bus station, lawn);
4.Road and transit (Highway, railway or road city transit);
5.Used as fencing, decoration or protection for various facilities in industry, agriculture,
Weaving and characteristic
Galvanizing after welding, galvanizing before welding;
The weaving is simple, artistic anc parctical;
Chain link fences are easy to work,bright color, easy to maintain;
Chain link netting are the first choose for beautifying the city environment.

Green PVC Coated Chain Link Fence in Rolls

According to the materials, we can supply the chain link mesh series products as follows:
* Galvanized Chain Link Fences,
* PVC Coated Chain Link Fabric (Green, Black, Yellow, White, etc.),
* Black Chain Link Fencing,
* Steel Chain wire Fence,
* Aluminum Chain Wire Fence,
* Chain Fencing Gate.


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