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welded wire mesh panel product features and uses

welded wire mesh panel products made of high-quality low carbon wire, after a detailed and very precise automated mechanical equipment spot welding process forming, that is appropriate and the use of zinc-leaching process of the appearance of punishment, toward the British standard production, net surface smooth cut, construction uniform, the sum of the function is good, even if part of the   

welded wire mesh panel high-quality anti-erosion so that it is loved in the feeding industry, smooth cut of the net surface, add a sense of, can play a decisive role in the decoration, this common local also make it in the mining industry has been exposed, because that is appropriate and the use of low-carbon high-quality material as the leak-proof anti-cracking, light Net body, so that this money is much lower than the cost of iron mesh, more experience its economy, affordable.  

welded wire mesh panel

welded wire mesh panel skills introduction   

Galvanized welded wire mesh usage: there are widely used in industry, agriculture, feeding, construction, transportation, mining, and other aspects.Such as mechanical protective cover, animal and animal fence, fence, window fence, Channel fence, poultry cage, egg baskets, and children's studio food baskets, paper baskets and play accessories. Galvanized welded wire mesh is made of high-quality low carbon steel wire row welding, and then cold plating (electroplating), hot plating, PVC plastic packaging, and other appearance passivation, plasticizing punishment, no irregularities Mesh, Mesh uniform, strong joints, some machining function is excellent, unchanged, corrosion, corrosion resistance is good. Common local: acid, alkali, welding strong, beautiful.



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