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Characteristics of temporary chain link fence

The main components of the chain link fence are the chain link fence and the frame and the column. The surface treatment methods of the hook fence are dip, spray, galvanized, etc. What are the characteristics of the temporary chain link fence?

Temporary chain link fence and features: mesh hooking, uniform mesh, smooth mesh surface, elegant appearance, wide web width, thick wire diameter, long corrosion resistance, long braiding, beautiful and practical, strong pulling force and high toughness .

temporary chain link fence

In particular, the coated wire warp and weft net has the characteristics of anti-static. It solves the problem that the hand-woven mesh or the woven mesh is often loose and easy to hang in the roof and coal support. The utility model has the advantages of high strength of the whole body and the side net, is not easy to be torn when being installed, has convenient construction and low cost.

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