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The material of the gabion fence mainly has those classifications.

The gabion fence is mainly used to guide river water. Rivers generally flow along the inherent river channel. Rivers may have curved rivers that naturally form. If floods occur, the water volume is huge, the water flow is rushing, and the water flow tends to flow straight under inertia. It will violently impact the original river channel and dam, which may cause the river to be diverted, which will cause huge disasters. In order to reduce the rushing water flow to wash the river bank, on the inside of the river bank or on the edge of the river channel, gabion fence box or gabion fence pad is laid. The turbulent river water directly impacts the gabion fence box or the gabion fence pad to protect the river bank or river channel. The river is at the curved river. Due to the gabion fence box or the gabion fence, the river will turn and follow the intrinsic river. This will guide the river to safety.
Let's talk about the main materials of gabion fence?

gabion fence
(1) galvanized steel wire: high-quality low-carbon steel wire, the diameter of steel wire is 2.0MM-4.0MM, the tensile strength of steel wire is not less than 380Mpa, the surface of steel wire is protected by hot-dip galvanizing, and the thickness of galvanized protective layer is according to customer requirements. Produced, the maximum amount of galvanizing can reach 300g/m2.

(2) Zinc-5% aluminum-mixed rare earth alloy steel wire: (also known as Galvan) steel wire, which is a new material emerging in recent years, with corrosion resistance more than three times that of traditional pure galvanizing, steel wire The diameter of the wire can reach 2.0MM-4.0MM, and the tensile strength of the steel wire is not less than 380Mpa.

(3) Galvanized steel wire plastic coated: high-quality low-carbon steel wire, coated with a layer of PVC or PE on the surface of the steel wire, and then woven into gabion fence of various specifications. This protective layer will greatly increase the protection in a highly polluted environment, and through the choice of different colors, it can be integrated with the surrounding environment.

(4) Zinc-5% aluminum-mixed rare earth alloy steel wire plastic coating: a gabion fence with a PVC or PE protective layer on the surface of the zinc-5% aluminum-mixed rare earth alloy steel wire.

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