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features of the mesh fence and gate

mesh fence and gate
, with mesh uniform, good elasticity, less susceptible to external impact and deformation, reasonable structure, durable characteristics. Mesh can be used electroplating, hot-dip, spray, dip treatment to achieve the effect of anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, anti-sun, weather and so on.

Hook flower mesh temporary fence, mesh fence and gate common product specifications:

mesh fence and gate

1. Package plastic wire by 3.8 mm; galvanized wire 2. 8-3. 5 mm

2. Mesh: 50*50mm; 60mm X 60mm;

3. Size:1800mm X 2100mm;2100x2400mm

4. Border supervisor: 32mm, wall thickness 1. 2-2mm;

mesh fence and gate anti-corrosion treatment: electroplating, hot plating, the color is silver white; spray, dip, color according to customer requirements.

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